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29 July 2017 by TV1 Rural Delivery
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In 2013, Riversun made a commitment to total sustainability by 2020 with a programme called Toitū. For Managing Director Geoff Thorpe, this means being able to say that Riversun can “keep doing what we are doing on the same land, in the same community for the next 1,000 years”. Riversun's focus is on soil and plant health, the business environment, water and air quality, biodiversity, machinery and energy.

Riversun's sustainability story was featured on TV1's Rural Delivery in July, 2017. You can watch it here.



Toitū 2020: a journey to sustainability

Five years ago Riversun set itself the goal of being “truly sustainable” by 2020.

Primary Sector Council Announced

Shanna Hickling has been selected as an observer on the Primary Sector Council. 

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