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 Riversun have two different formats of tall vines available:

  • Bare rooted field grown Tall-Short vines which are suited to new developments or replanting; and
  • Potted SuperVines which are ideal for filling gaps in the vineyard (for more information, please click here). 

Tall-Short vine benefits

  • Ideal for new block planting or replanting 
  • Grow guards are not required (Central Otago growers may want grow guards to prevent ringbarking by rabbits)
  • Less bud rubbing required
  • Vines are out of the frost and spray zone at planting
  • In order to reach their potential they will require more frequent watering than mature vines

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Riversun has the most extensive range of scionwood within New Zealand from standard clones through to the exclusive ENTAV-INRA® and Premium Import varieties. There are thousands of combinations of variety, clone and rootstock which can be specifically grafted for you. Click here for the full range of varieties and clones.

All of Riversun’s grafted grapevines are produced under the NZ Winegrowers Grafted Grapevine Standard (NZW GGS), and our own internationally recognised HACCP standard which covers more than 18 of critical processes within Riversun. Both standards essentially cover:

  • Trueness to type
  • Known virus status
  • Physical specifications and quality
  • Traceability and tracking

For more please click here to go to our certification page.



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