New Vineyards

Gold Medal Vineyard in the making

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What can a vineyard achieve in just one year? If the vineyard in question is Te Awanga Estate & Winery Limited in Hawke’s Bay, then the answer is, “plenty”

How to map your vineyard as you plant

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As part of our certification system, we put a great deal of effort into making every vine traceable, so that we can help diagnose problems (should they arise) and so you can reorder the product that is working well in your vineyard. However, if you don’t map as you plant, all those safeguards may be lost.

Minimising frost risk for young vines

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I observed a number of problems in newly planted vineyards around the country last season (2002-2003), and I believe that frost may have had more of a role to play than first thought.

Pre-planting treatments and vine establishment

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Why is it that some vines don’t achieve their full potential? Vine establishment,
health, and longevity can be compromised by a combination of factors: incorrect planting depth, drying out during or prior to planting, poor root positioning, poor moisture management, insect damage and soil fungi.

Rootstock selection for cool-climate viticulture

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Choosing rootstocks for New Zealand viticulture can be challenging.
When we published The Riversun Rootstock Project in 2003, we found very little information about stocks’ performance in this country – or, for that matter, anywhere else. Even the best international literature often presented conflicting data.

The ABCs of site development

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All too often, I receive calls from would-be investors/developers who haven’t the foggiest idea about the steps required before grafted vines are ordered from Riversun. While it’s true that timing is important to guarantee your nursery selections such decisions must follow those that determine site development.

Young vines: training, pruning and yields

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Methods vary for training young vines in their first and second years in the ground..



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