Overview and specs

Dormant field grown vines are the most popular type of grapevine to the wine industry. These are supplied as bare rooted vines ready to be planted in your vineyard, usually in late winter/spring.

There are thousands of combinations of variety, clone and rootstock which can be specifically grafted for you. Riversun has the most extensive range of scionwood within New Zealand, from standard clones through to the exclusive ENTAV-INRA® and Premium Import varieties (click here to link through to the Varieties and Clones pages).

An additional product we offer is a second year dormant grapevine. This is a vine which has been grown in the field for one year, lifted, processed and graded. Their roots are then trimmed back and they are replanted in the field nursery for an additional year.

All of Riversun’s grafted grapevines are produced under two certification standards; NZ Winegrowers Grafted Grapevine Standard (NZW GGS), and our own internationally recognised HACCP standard which covers more than 18 of critical processes within Riversun. Both standards essentially cover:

  • Trueness to type
  • Known virus status
  • Physical specifications and quality
  • Tracability and tracking

While the NZW GGS covers only Leafroll 3 (GLRa V-3), an economically significant disease, Riversun recognises that other known diseases can also have significant affect in the vineyard, therefore our vines are tested under the HACCP standard for a minimum of 4 viruses, including Grapevine Leafroll 1, 2 and 3 and Grapevine Virus A (GVA).

For more please see our certification page.