Pricing information

Riversun vines meet and/or exceed the NZ Winegrowers Grafted Grapevine Standard (NZW GGS) wherever possible.

Dormant vines for delivery Winter/Spring 2019 and 2020

Prices start from $5.75 + GST per vine - volume discounts may apply:

# Vines Ordered

Standard Clones

1- 25,000

$      5.75

25,001 - 100,000

$      5.60

100,001 - 250,000

$      5.40

250,001 +

$      5.30



Payment terms

  • For vines contracted prior to December year of grafting - $1.75 per vine deposit due on contract signing
  • For vines contracted from December to delivery - $2.50 per vine deposit due on contract signing
  • Balance due 20th September year of delivery or 7 days after delivery (whichever comes first)
  • ENTAV-INRA® and Premium Import vines incur a $0.40 per vine royalty payment and a $0.50 per vine quarantine fee
  • ENTAV-INRA® and Premium Import vines are only available in commercial quantities

Please note that orders under 50 vines incur a $50.00 administration fee and freight is not included.

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Sustainability in business

Riversun kicked off an organic based programme in 2012, achieving carboNZero certification in April 2019.

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