Overview & Specs

Managing vine replacement in an existing established vineyard is never an easy job. If, in the first couple of years after planting, many of your traditional dormant vine replants haven’t been killed by weed spray, drowned in irrigation, beheaded by the trimmer, or smashed by the harvester, you have done better than most! Not to mention the financial loss of having spaces throughout the vineyard, resulting in unproductive acreage.

At Riversun, we have created the potted SuperVine, which is dispatched as a dormant (lignified) vine ready for a replacement vine situation in your vineyard.

  • The vines are at least 1.8m tall and attached to a bamboo stake when you receive them
  • Vines are lignified and ready to lay onto your existing fruiting wire
  • The rootmass is significant with the PB 12 (7 litre) planter bag brimming with healthy, fibrous roots ready for establishment
  • A strong thick stem (at least 5mm circumference for a first grade plant)
  • Planting an undisturbed root system, you reduce the risk of desiccation either in the roots themselves or in the tall woody stem during dry and windy spring conditions
  • Grow guards are not required
  • The SuperVine is already out of the spray and frost zones
  • Irrigation can be in line with the existing vineyard
  • No need for continual vine training sweeps throughout the season, as the vines can be incorporated in a normal vineyard management passes
  • Roots are inoculated with Trichoderma and Mycorrhizal fungi to promote rapid establishment in challenging replant situations


Similar products comparison

The Riversun SuperVine is a standard grafted vine which has been grown outdoors in a nursery environment, to establish a large rootmass and a strong fruiting cane.

Other products on the market have a long rootstock and delivered as barerooted dormant vines.  The problem with these alternative vines is the small rootmass, which needs the same additional management as traditional barerooted dormant vine. The small rootmass is competing for water and nutrients against the established neighbouring vines. The long rootstock is also more prone to drying out than a conventional grafted vine.


Supervine HERO

Supervine Rootmass STR 3

Supervines STR 3