Financial comparison for replanting

Yield Per Vine2


Most vineyards have dead or missing vines and it is not uncommon to see 2-5% gaps in a block. At these levels the loss of income is estimated to be between $450 - $1,125 per hectare, per annum. 

The cost of doing nothing is compounding each year the vine is missing.

A standard dormant vine planted amongst mature vines often take 5 years or more to carry a full crop. This presents an estimated loss of $9 per vine in fruit income, every year until fully established.

The SuperVine on the other hand will start having a half crop in year 2, and be in full production by year 3.

Planting a standard vine in a replant situation has a high failure rate and/or high individual management costs, which have not been accounted for. SuperVines however, have a large rootmass and strong fruiting cane, which is laid straight onto the existing wire. The SuperVine can be treated the same as exisiting established vines in management, irrigation and pruning.





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