Riversun Nursery offers commercial growers an extensive range of certified fruiting and pollenizer avocado trees grafted onto a choice of clonal or seedling rootstocks.

Contact the Riversun team for assistance in making the best choices for your site, and understanding the pros and cons associated with the different types of planting material. 


Carmen Hass  Mexican A Very similar to Hass - thick pebbly skin which darkens when ripe Oval  Oily, excellent texture not as 'nutty' as Hass
Hass Guatemalan Hybrid A Thick, pebbly skin that darkens when ripe Pear-to-oval  Pale green with creamy texture and nutty rich flavour
Maluma Hass  Mainly Guatemalan with some Mexican influence A Very similar to Hass - larger lenticels and blackens on ripening Larger than Hass, pronounced neck  Buttery texture, not as 'nutty' as Hass
Reed Guatemalan A Thick pebbly skin which stays green when ripe Large-round  Smooth, creamy and delicate flavour
Sharwil Mexican x Guatemalan B Similar to Fuerte, tough surface, medium-thick skin Oval-shaped Creamy with mild but rich flavour - not as 'nutty' as Hass
*GEM™ Guatemalan A Smooth skin, prominent yellow lenticels Tear-drop / oval Rich flavour

* Before ordering GEM™ trees from Riversun, growers need to apply to Seeka Kiwifruit Industries Ltd for a licence to grow GEM™ avocados.


Pollination occurs when the pollen released from one set of flowers is received by the flowers from another tree with their female parts open and ready to receive the pollen. We recommend having pollinizer trees to increase the likelihood of a viable crop. The other tree should be the type to complement your existing tree ie. if you are growing a type ‘A’ avocado, choose a type ‘B’ tree to help pollination.

Industry standard tends to be a minimum of 11% or 1 in 9 pollenizers, but can be as high as 15%. Pollenizer trees should be evenly distributed within any planting.

Bacon  Mexican B Smooth, thin skin, green when ripe  Oval-shaped N/A
Edranol Hybrid Mexican Guatemalan  B Olive-green skin, slightly rough of medium thickness Pear-shaped Buttery creamy yellow flesh
Ettinger  Hybrid Mexican Guatemalan B  Smooth, thin, bright green skin  Pear-shaped N/A
Fuerte Hybrid Mexican Guatemalan B Thin smooth skin which remains green as fruit ripens Pear-shaped, flat area on bottom corner Creamy with mild, rich flavour
Sharwil Mexican x Guatemalan B Similar to Fuerte, tough surface, medium-thick skin Oval-shaped Creamy with mild but rich flavour - not as 'nutty' as Hass
Zutano Mexican Hybrid B Shiny green thin skin Pear-shaped N/A

If you are a NZAGA member you can access the grower's manual for more information on varieties and rootstocks in the membership area of the NZAGA website.



Sustainability in business

Riversun kicked off an organic based programme in 2012, achieving carboNZero certification in April 2019.

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