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Ambitious and achievable - Oct 2011

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What is our collective vision for the New Zealand wine industry in 2030, and what research is required to help us realise that vision?

The "new normal"? - Aug 2011

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What a crazy old world we live in, huh? Massive gyrations on international stock exchanges, soaring / plunging / soaring exchange rates, riots in London, snow in Auckland. It’s enough to make one want to put one's head under the pillow and sleep until it’s all over!

Source block magic - Feb 2011

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Well, the summer holidays have been and gone and suddenly vintage is almost upon us – where does time go???

Refresh and reconnect - Dec 2010

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Another very challenging year in the wine industry is coming to a close – certainly a year many of us are likely to look back upon as a time of endurance, rather than enjoyment.

Accentuate the positive - Nov 2010

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Last month, I described the storm of Armageddon proportions that has devastated the New Zealand grapevine nursery industry in recent years. Navigating through such conditions is not something any of us would choose to do for fun, and I’ll be the first to admit that these past two years have been exhausting on many levels.

Nursery Armageddon - Oct 2010

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To say that the New Zealand wine industry is in the midst of the “perfect storm” almost seems like an understatement. From my perspective, as a nurseryman, the past two years have been like no other – unless, perhaps, you count the tail end of the boom and bust cycle in the kiwifruit industry before it set itself on a more even footing.



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