Planting Instructions

Riversun can provide the vines, but the secret to good establishment of your vineyard is in the planting. To give your vines the best possible start, please follow the instructions in our planting guide which can be downloaded here.

Also of importance is recording graftlot numbers and where in your vineyard these are planted (preferably plant the graftlots together, with their tags attached to the row post). If there are any concerns over the performance of your vines, the graftlot number is the best starting point to try and trace any issues.



Sustainability in business

Riversun kicked off an organic based programme in 2012, achieving carboNZero certification in April 2019.

Grapevine genetic experts visit Gisborne

French grapevine genetic experts Professor Jean-Michel Boursiquot and Laurent Audeguin have been conducting Ampelography workshops in Gisborne...

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