Stocklist & Rootstock

Riversun are currently selling clonal trees which are subject to a royalty and also require a signed non-propagation agreement. Growers require a PPin from the Avocado Industry Council to purchase these trees.

Rootstock Guide

Riversun Nursery offer an extensive range of certified fruiting and pollinator avocado trees grafted onto a choice of clonal or seedling rootstocks.


  • Zutano

Clonal rootstocks

  • Bounty®
  • Dusa® 
  • Latas®

View or download our Rootstock guide detailing the characteristics of the rootstocks listed above or contact the Riversun team on 0800 11 37 47 for assistance in making the best choices for your site, and understanding the pros and cons associated with the different types of planting material.

Avocado Stocklist (June 2018)

Spring 2018 – Summer 2018/19
Carmen Hass on Dusa 30
Fuerte on Dusa 20
Sharwil on Dusa  30
Fuerte on Bounty  10
Hass on Latas  400
Bacon on Zutano  80
Edranol on Zutano  35
Fuerte on Zutano  80
Reed on Zutano  50
Sharwil on Zutano  50
Zutano on Zutano  50

 For more information please contact us on 0800 11 37 47.




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