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  • Waimea Aromatics Shine Again

    15 October 2014 by Waimea Estate Press Release

    Waimea Albariño 2014 has won Gold at the International Aromatic Wine Competition 2014

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  • The Impact of a Name

    17 September 2014 by Tessa Nicholson published is Winepress September 2014

    Is New Zealand’s mono linguistic heritage stymieing the ability of the wine industry to broaden its horizons in terms of new varieties?

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  • Syrah in Marlborough

    17 September 2014 by Tessa Nicholson published in Winepress September 2014

    Syrah is very much an alternative red variety for the Marlborough region. But small though the plantings may be, the ensuing wines are more than capable of standing on their own.

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  • Romeo Bragato 2014

    25 August 2014 by Rochelle Brown

    Bragato starts on Wednesday the 27th of August - we will see you there!

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  • Riversun on TVNZ Rural Delivery Show

    28 July 2014 by Rochelle Brown

    If you missed this weeks episode of Rural Delivery (TV One @ 7am Saturday), Riversun's kiwifruit propagtion featured on the show. A great snippet to watch to get a lowdown on how Riversun has helped the kiwifruit industry get back on its feet after the arival of Psa-V in 2010 and became the first in the world to do mass propagation of the rootstock Bounty 71 through innovative techniques.

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  • Value Creation and Environmental Sustainability for Marlborough Wine Industry By-Products

    17 July 2014 by Marlborough Research Center - Press Release

    Marlborough’s wine producers have come together with the Marlborough District Council in a new collaborative approach to the management of grape marc disposal, to generate a new, commercially viable and environmentally sustainable product from grape waste.

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  • Arneis in Marlborough

    15 July 2014 by Tessa Nicholson, Winepress

    Currently there are 4.5 hectares of Arneis growing in Marlborough – which ensures this variety falls very much into the “alternative” category for winemakers.

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  • The White Wave

    5 July 2014 by Joelle Thomson

    There is a groundswell of obscure new wine styles here in New Zealand. The fourth  Gisborne Regional Wine Awards in May highlighted this trend. Where else in the world would albarino, arneis, chardonnay, chenin blanc and gewürztraminer grow in the same area and taste great, to boot?

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  • Tempranillo in Marlborough

    18 June 2014 by Tessa Nicholson, Winepress

    This famous Spanish grape  is best known for its inclusion in Rioja, the country’s most famous wine. But it is also making an appearance in Marlborough, as a stand-alone variety.

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  • Grillo - an old grape with a new lease of life

    10 June 2014 by Joelle Thomson

    Marvellous Marsala

    (And the changing face of Grillo - an old grape with a new lease of life)

    Marsala means Port of God and takes its name from the Arabic words 'Marsa' and 'Allah', which gives away a little about the history of this ancient Sicilian town, where the Arabs once landed (after the Romans and the Carthaginians). Marsala is also an under appreciated wine, struggling for sales today, but the best are lovely drinks served lightly chilled with aged cheddar, Parmagiano and dried fruit - two are recommended below - but it is also having a make over as a dry white...


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